Thursday, December 30, 2010

I cannot break form

good day

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis the season

for cheesy holiday poems!!  :)))

Merry happy holidays
may there be
pleasure as you please.
And love on top of
and snow between
the trees.

In short I hope
that you are well
wherever you may be.
In time I hope
to see you soon.
Until that day
may there be peace!

Much love to the familia, all my homies in the 604 holler, be back soon for maximum shred, thanks for putting up with my loco-ness friends in Seattle, this next year's gonna be a banger!!  Time to make some moves :))))))

To all the readers of this, I thank you especially.  You don't know how much it means that there are random people hopefully enjoying this site.  I think its the anonymity that makes me so stoked and inspires me to share more.  I appreciate any comments you have to share with me!!  :)

Hope yall got some good christmas schwagg!!

Peace Love and Poetry!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prolific like Picasso

Went to the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum today and go the best tour from this little old lady.  She told us tales of Picasso's many lovers and offered up copious context to frame his paintings with.  Art is not simply decor.  It is in fact a moment.  With context removed it is easy to see a piece as simply hanging on the wall; not rooted in conflict or controversy.  As an artist I feel that removing context reduces the art.  That is not to say that some art is merely art for arts sake.  Obviously we cannot all grasp the reality of every artist at every moment they are creating.  As nice as ignorance is, I found it illuminating to hear our docent connect the dots in Picasso's life as it helped me understand his extremely large body of work (some say he created over 50,000 pieces before he died at the age of 91).

Someday I hope someone will care so much about the times we are in now and the art that is being created in the present.

I try to write something every day just like a painter does hundreds of studies before embarking on a masterpiece.  I try to take five photos, write a poem (force a haiku at the least).  So here I am forcing art upon you...may profundity abound!

I intend to be
prolific like Picasso
unless I die young

...more on that later

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Natural Truth

Beauty as it comes...

it was pretty cold today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Old Poem from Peru

I wrote this a couple years ago and lost the book it was in.  While looking through a bunch of piano books tonight I discovered the little journal!!  I figured I should share some of these poems before I lose them again :))

There is snow in the Andes
above hills above mountains.
The wind swings the hammocks
and ice feeds the fountains.
Here I lay for a moment:
a blink in time's eye.
Writing poems for nobody
under cloud covered skies.

gotta get back there...soon

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some film shots to share from OMOR

Just put up one of my favorite photos on

Check that site out.  Its slow now but it will be great in a short time.  Like it on facebook, follow it however you can.  It's taking off.  And I like hyping it because (not only am I a contributing photographer but) some of the photographers on the site are SICK!  There are some aussies posting pics of crazy rocks and a dump filled with laundry machines (wtf?) among other things, some Canadians, Americans, girls, boys, good, bad, photos blah blah blah just click the link its painless...

And that first photo is definitely my favorite multiple exposure success (mostly because I was handholding in a dark room with people dancing around me). The Easy Star All-Stars blew my mind, playing for over two hours, taking requests from the people at the show, and infusing us all with positive energy!!
Big tune!!

click on it

I just love how long the physical piece of film is and how dope the lights are...Holga's are a gamble, they force you into shooting shots for different reasons than you normally would shoot shots with say a 35mm SLR or a digital SLR...the aesthetics are different, the process is different, the final product is different.  

It's something you can just feel when you first take a look at your negatives, holding them up to the light or running them over a light board, seeing light pass through in different colors.  You can't just take back a click of the shutter like you can with digi.  12 shots is a whole different game than god only knows how many gigs your camera's flash card can hold.  Four possible permutations on the Holga, infinitely more with a jpeg and photoshop.  You must see something in your head before you take off the lens-cap with a Holga.

After a while your eyes just intuitively tune into situations where a successful exposure could occur.  But it takes your entire life to hone as you experience different cameras/lenses and light situations (i.e. flash/no flash, inside/outside, direct/indirect, etc.) Some photographers like to overcomplicate things with extra gear and whatnot.  What works for some does not for others.

For now two settings are a relief to me.  f8 or f11, 1/60th or bulb.  Effectively controlling light in concise parameters.  Either it works or it does not.

It all comes down to the essence of photography for me.  And that would be?

(in some deep way)

simply light!

!!  I love lamp  !!

Here's some more off OMOR.  Enjoy!

"Carb Loading" from Steve

"The Tip 2" from Emily in Alice Springs.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Transcending Convention

It is as silly as it seems
Sometimes the world's forgotten me
as I have done to it

the thoughts that I've got stored
inside my mind
are at a loss
(like memories ignored)
is that a lie
that you and I
are changing daily?

international wizardry
the parting of the seas
the ice the rain the snow the steam
this water is surrounding me
and it is not that I
do not feel the clean
simply I don't

(like similes
or even rhymes in poetry)
are really lame.

Gravity, please leave.  And if we cut down all the trees? can we believe? that we don't need? anything more to provide the air that we all breathe?  And time and space we will transcend unto the underwater world where everything is wet (and clean? haha). And everything is wet when you're transcending there with me if you'd only just believe me please you got to please me please don't worry you dont need me I got coffee and tv or its beer or cigs or weed or drugs or rock or roll or other things...

Now there is something there that you cannot hold
and yet
you still believe.
I guess it happens
that things are easier to
live with in disbelief or doubt
or never knowing what could have happened

like the end of this poem
so prematurely
like a thought forgotten

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Climbing things that shouldn't be climbed

a view from high
of cityscapes
towers scraping at the sky
without a light
no rope
no cape
clinging not to fall

drain pipes and
a rusty gutter
are all I have
to keep from falling
looser than I'd like
but then again
trust is conditional

atop a rainy roof
a fine view is afforded
then to slip back down
is not so smooth
for those who feel
faint hearted

hope and truth
both known by
fumbling for a hold
until my feet
have found the ground
let's look up
for more!!

Hahahaha last night I got wasted at the Red Door's holiday bash (thanks to all down there, yall are wonderful!!) and decided to do a little solo night climb.  Freaked out about halfway up when the drain pipe I had been so foolishly relying on popped off the wall I thought it was secured to.  Oops.  When you're halfway up you gotta go for broke.  I rested at someone window sill, could see the glow of a laptop seeping through the blinds, and wondered for a second what they might think of me crawling up the side of their condominium.  Probably not too much.  Thankfully I found a better route and here I am. Being scared shitless really does give you some perspective...and sometimes a poem too :))

Remember what Dead Babies always say..."safety third, bitches!!"


Thursday, December 2, 2010

uojtwralecwsxq;wcsadp xcmskl

Was wishing I could write forever.
Words forever flowing.
Words forever going
places I will
forever never

I fell asleep and dreamt instead.
a getaway inside my head.
A gate-way you should have
instead goes by

Reality comes back to me
sometimes when
to me it seems
the world is
feeling kind of crazy.

In and through a different realm
wanderings of a million things
together bumping into one-
another no thing harmed
at least it seemed
to me to be
pure and simply
and I was in it and
still here I am and so
you are
so we be
together when I'm dreamin
shit that sounds
a kind of
if not idealistic at the least
my god
i mean
wow, please.

A moments rest from thought is fine
and so I pass the time
"Doing what?"
you just might ask
but don't ask me.

I am wishing for a thousand things
a million words or more.
A couple hundred feet of snow,
to cure the common cold,
to save the world from all of us
(myself included)
to put an end to war.
To save the starving children,
and grow myself some corn.

I am wishing just to fall alseep
so I can dream some more


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Withering Vines

Withering vines
that once held fruit
what are you to do.

The sun and snow
will come and come
and weathered you will be.

Gravity Rides Everything by Modest Mouse.
Good night music.