Tuesday, February 15, 2011

get it?

I don't even know if I get it sometimes

Sunday, February 13, 2011

a weird love poem?

Tell me what you're looking for
and I'll go out and find it
bring it back to you
wrapped up in a blanket

I can't seem to find
anything interesting

I can't seem to find
blind intelligence
this artificial sweetener
is bad after-

Don't give me answers
really really make me work for it
it really isn't worth that much
if you got it for free

You'd pay for love with
pixie dust
(though cocaine would probably do)

But all you really need is lust
so save the drugs for later.

Send us out into society
tell me all those lies
of liberty and love (the best)

And then just sleep with me

Happy Valentines day yall, hahahaha

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And and Andventures?

And so on the seventeenth day of the month they marched out to the van and got inside and went wherever it went it went fast and slow sometimes.  The speed of fun is often blinding or at the least hard to remember in the morning when you wake up where the fuck am I?  You know the feeling?  Want to be there every night at some point not forever (only passing by) the bright lights flashing heat of human bodies hanging by the door.  Everybody's been there is there anything for me thats new for us to do? yes? let us thrash away the time we've separated our lives from reality and this is?  what is this we're sharing, please define it? something something blah blah something.  Thanks a million slam the door lock up the back and start to roll away from all the same things cities faces hit refresh or drink a brew or.

and yeah

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Greener place

just a greenhouse in the middle of winter.

Double exposure with idling cars.
I f**king LOVE photography.
When shit works out like this.
Just a blind idea inside the eye.

Hope everything grows well!!
gracias/garden party shoutouts to
Torii, Meghan, Erin, et al...

Thanks for looking :)

Energy of cosmos

Last night as smoke rose
into the dim night
I lay awake
eyes closed
but holding onto something in my mind.

Or was it in the
night sky
you know the stars look like your eyes.

Staring further into darkness
the blankets of
our atmosphere
were warm with passion
like petals pressed on skin
far away I fell into a dream.

In the morning as
I lay awake
the cosmos rushed through me.

Somehow inside myself
I wished to see
what I cannot see
but tell me what can you see
with eyes closed?

Waking up the pillow
in the morning
next to me
was warm and smelled
like flowers
I have neither smelled nor ever seen.

Was that a dream within a dream?  Meta-poetry?