Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spontaneous Adventure

I came up to Vancouver last week sometime.  Since then I have travelled some 2,000 kilometers east then west on a crazy adventure with some of my best friends.

The offer was Jasper for a couple nights, Calgary for one, and then back to BC in time to see my beloved Vancouver Canucks take Lord Stanley's Cup (game seven finals on Wednesday in Vancouver).  We ended up forgetting about Calgary on the first day, opting instead to stay in the outdoor adventure friendly Jasper, AB.

If you click on that picture you can zoom into it.  That's Jasper on the right ride of the photo.  That shot is taken looking north east toward Edmonton some 4 hours away.  We were reassured by our local guide, Ryker, that there was much more to see in Jasper than the urban centers of Calgary and Edmonton.  The drive was unreal, through valleys of true giants: Athabascan glaciers and massive mountains covered in aged pine and birch bursting with fragrant life!  We saw a bunch of wildlife on the drive alone.  Elk, mountain goat, and even a black bear on the way in.  I was reminded kindly by the sun that summertime is in fact on its way. It seemed in Jasper as though summertime was already here.

We had some stuff to do in Jasper, but mostly our days were spent outdoors.  Hiked to a nice view of Patricia and Pyramid Lake the first day.  Then Ryker gave us an amazing tour of the National Park (which he somehow facilitated for free).  Jumped off some big cliffs into a cold Horseshoe Lake, checked out some dope falls at the Edge of the World, and drank a pint of the finest stout I've ever tasted at Jasper brewpub with the boys ($4 a pint with Ryker's local discount).

The view from the Pyramid Lake - Jasper trail was unbelievable.  I completely and totally fell in love with the surrounding beauty.  Everywhere I looked there was something more I thought was impossible to miss.  A mountain range I hadn't seen, or a feature on a hillside, or another lake, another peak poking out of the horizon.  Undeniable beauty.

There will be more pics up soon of my Facebook.  Just uploaded a bunch from New Zealand too.

If you're feeling bored at all this summer just get out a map, draw a big circle around wherever you are and check the perimeter for potentially cool places you've never been.  Then find some friends and go for a few days.  Don't forget your freedom (if you got it).

Happy trails!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

A few preliminary photos

There are a million places to put photos these days.  Photographers in this digital age share their work online (flickr, facebook, picasa, blogs, etc.)  Most of our photos end up being deleted, many more end up locked on some external hard drive lost and unseen.

Through my travels and what not I have found sharing photos on Facebook to be the easiest way to let my friends see my work.  This blog is about the process of art as much as it is about art, life, whatever. But what I post in one place (or even what photo I choose/like or reject/dislike) varies depending on the audience.  That is not to say that I shoot for a specific audience (besides myself).  I don't shoot for anyone but me.  I like to take photos of all sorts of things.  Peoples, cars, animals, the sky, the mountains, ocean, boats, roads, backstreets, bums, trash, shiny things, yadda yadda yadda.

In the process of selection/editing (which really takes up the most of my "photography" time) something around 80% of my photos disappear to me.  The ones yall see are usually topical, personal, art shots, or "the best" (haha!)

Here are a couple that I have no reason to post :))  I just like them, the people in them, or the story they tell.

The story of this series is "feeding out at L.C. Horse Farm."  Hope you enjoy them!!

Buckets and buckets of rolled oats and molasses, feed supplements, and horses names.

Takanini feed:
Asian, No. 2, oats, electrolytes, sugar beets

Hugo the kitten takes a nice cat nap under Kevin's cap

More photos to come :)

keep checkin here and on my Facebook for more!!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Definitly just gotta say


that is all for now.  In Vancouver for the weekend.  Going to the beach again tomorrow, fixing my bike at MEC with Dip, and then back to Seattle for a while.  Nice to see Vancouver go crazy for the Cup.  Went busking tonight with my boys.  Watched a lot of people enjoying themselves on an early summers eve :))



Thursday, June 2, 2011

I do this every time

wait too long
then don't wait long enough

see nothing
then see way too much

the situation
changing all the time

a new car
on the road
is used already

i see your face
in all my dreams
why can't you
be near me

this time is realer
than the last
but oh
how can it be

we do
underestimate emotions
underestimate thought
underestimate the time it took
to find out

that I do this every time