Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poor Moon

Took some photos at the show the other night.  Been lazy with my camera lately but a trip to New York has re instilled me with inspiration.  A photographer with no camera has no photos to show.
These are ALL pure lights, camera, action!  No after effects :))

tuning a twelve-string

love the cello

This band was called "Lost in the Trees"
and they rocked

So I really came to watch this new band from around here with roots as deep as years.  They're called Poor Moon annnnnd they rock- sometimes softly and slowly, other times louder, but always with harmony.  Its a new arrangement of both the Crystal Skulls and Fleet Foxes (more or less).  I can't wait for more catchy riffs and cheesy pop lyrics.  The vibraphones they had at the show last night only increased the amplitude of the omnipresent harmonies and brought back memories of Fleet Foxes at the Gorge.  Crystal Skulls has to be one of the most underrated bands out of Seattle in recent years.  When they broke up I was bummed.  I remember driving down to Portland, Oregon for a Rocky Votolato, Appleseed Caste, Crystal Skulls, Minus the Bear bill at Loveland that my buddy (working for Suicide Squeeze at the time) got us guest-listed for.  Of course MTB stole the show, but the Crystal Skulls were the most surprising band for me.  I can't wait for more catchy riffs to develop into full on country folk rock sing fests.

 Poor Moon at the Tractor Tavern, March 28th 2012

and that's all for now!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


winds rushing over me
the change seasons do bring

late frost killed
my mothers flowers
early planters lay dead

dirt brown turned over
and into soil
something green will grow

sitting chatting with the birds
in gardens for tomorrow

simple inspiration comes
from our own backyards

peace and love thy mother earth!