Saturday, December 24, 2011


reminds me of a cold morning.. frost on the ground
..but praying for snow

some lights like Christmas

Saturday, December 10, 2011


There is no way I'm staying up for this lunar eclipse.  Hope youtube provides me with slo mo HD footy mañana.  Until 2014!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mark Twain

One of my favorite writers of all time.  Wrote the tallest tales and inspired me to adventure on from an early age.  I'll just leave you with a popular quote of his :))

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover."

Keep an eye out for shooting stars tonight!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

un pathetic empathy empowering people to understand our situation

they put us together
hidden in woods
soon full of smoke
and mirrors
we cannot see ourselves
amongst each other

a message
newspapers headlines
spew sewers worth of shit
lies deception
can't believe anything
except experiments

accept experience
the only truth
foundation on which to build
knowledge understanding
sympathy and empathy
the world is not pathetic

we are un-empowered
we must get up
with one another
wake up wake up
before peace
there seems always
to be war


Not here today, but last year at some point..

These were taken then beer was spilled all over my holga..
thats what the funk is about..

truck in the trees

snowy road in America

note to self:  beer and film do mix!!

and knowing myself will mix again on accident..  good thing that holga's only got a couple moving parts on it..  such a trooper of a camera :))

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

rainy day

playing some piano today..  forget how good it feels sometimes..

forget it feels so good
until it's time again
then you gotta find it
feel it for yourself
forget that you forgot
it ever felt so good

and the cut of the day..

(not the dope pre-mixed version of one of my favorite Beatles songs ever, though it could be)


Sunday, November 13, 2011

In search of a new season!!

Whistler opens Friday :))

This is the first year I haven't had a pass up there in years :((

bout to be that time of year!!

good thing there's good snow in Washington!!

Shred hard yall!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

poesia barata

working hard to get found
like a penny face down on the floor

peoples feet come passing by
stepping on cold copper skin

grinding into pavement
what was once shiny

until enchanted eyes spy
inexpensive liberation

the joy of something found
I feel like a happy penny in the right pocket

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SUm FuNk

The Penultimate Year (of sorts)

Bike out Back
East Van

Turning 24 tomorrow.
This will be the last one before I decide if I want to go back to school (and the itch is still there).
Got a few more things to tick off "the list" in the coming year.
(travel-wise, career-wise, life-wise).
The last one has been amazing.
Plenty of growth and fresh thought.
THANK YOU to all my friends and family for all the LOVE.
You are my natural inspiration, you awesome people!!
I look forward to this next year of new things as I approach 25.
Stay fresh, enjoy what you do, and don't be afraid to think.
And never forget to smile!!

Ambient Landscape

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Patterned Pictures

Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Black and White (BBW)

Shot a roll of Ilford XP2 a few months back, just scanned the negs.  Really dig it.  XP2 is black and white film (emulsion) that is color processed (C41).  The grain looks great, it preformed well in different lighting situations, and the black and white is just so sexy.

"It looks 'old school'! like what is that?" a friend asked me.

It is just film.  If I knew how to work my scanner better these scans would probably come out better.  I plan on printing a couple, let me know if you like any that I post in particularly.

Most of the blur can be attributed to the less than stellar plastic Holga lens.
Without it, the watercolor-like photos would never turn out.
If it had a better lens, I'd never use it AND/OR spill beer on it all the time, like I do anyways.

(check back in soon for the end of a roll I spilled beer on...really cool effects, hahaha)

New Scans

Sometimes I'm just lazy and don't do anything artistically productive.  I tend to hate myself retrospectively for those periods of time.  I have had these four rolls of film just sitting in a box for a couple months.  Just doing nothing.  Been busy doing other things, blah blah blah.  Well I scanned them tonight and theres a bunch of goodies in there.  Makes me all excited to go take some more.

Here's a few keepers to whet your appetite :))

turns out I still love the Holga.
That first shot is like a watercolor.
And the double exposure is one of my favorites I've ever taken!
Love sharing new photos.
Let me know what you think!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn Comes

Autumn comes this year
fools the weatherman predicting three days of rain,
we get
the spoils of an indian summer
beneath the sliver of a new moon

the clouds are gathering
among the mountains they are tall and white and bulbous
basking in the setting suns darkest hues
of pink and deepest purple

to the north the clouds consume the entire sky
as the sun fades
every shade of grey blankets
everything below

"It's too hot outside,"
I heard him say.  This was before the rain.
It's always never good enough for some.
I guess we have our days.
Some feel the need to just complain, no matter if it rains.

We cannot change the weather
so like the sunshine
like the rain
no matter what you do some things you cannot change
so enjoy both in their respective seasons
they like you just the same.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

35mm Yummy

Disposable cameras are a whole art to themselves.  Simple mechanics, solid performance (flash/shutter action), and 35mm 100/400iso film- it's hard to mess up a shot if you know what you're doing. But who ever knows what they're doing?  Experimentation with grainy results and no worries about gear getting messed up.
(domes are super safe working environments for cameras)

But they're fun for beginners too.  The satisfaction of clicking away ten pictures of the SAME DAMN THING (AMEEEEEEEENNNNN!!  hahahaha) is undeniable.  Once we see the results we quickly realize all the mistakes and that is life, you did or didn't get the shot, the world is over (or at least coming to an end)..

(That shot got caught not parking Charles)

But really: the more photos you take the better your eye gets as it recognizes what makes a nice picture so nice!

If I were to teach a photography class I would start out with some disposable cameras.  The course fees would go towards four of the five dollar cameras (equipped with a flash), processing fees, and prints (maybe even doubles so they could trade pics amongst themselves).

(Sharing is caring: Elisa and Ali know best!!)

The first week we would talk about composition, color, contrast, aesthetics: things that make a picture beautiful.  What makes one picture more likable than another?
The second week would be about light: aperture, shutter speed, flashes, and the mechanics of a camera.  How different cameras record images, film formats, etc.
The third week would be about editing.  Students would choose favorite photos of theirs, their classmates, and pros and explain what they liked about them.  How we choose which photos to post/print/delete, costs of photography, advertising etc.
The fourth week would be a full on show with students presenting their favorite 12 shots.

After the first week students would display one roll each.  Just shots from that week.  And in whatever order they were taken.
The second week would be the same only they could choose to display from both rolls.
Third week presentations would be comparing own works with others.
Fourth week show.  Peer review of 12 top shots (including descriptions of why chosen)

(rule of fourths? haha)

The whole idea behind this would be to hone the eye.  A good photo is not a photo because you pressed the shutter.  It is because you have taken the time to compose the situation and translate it into the lens.  You have taken all the variables into consideration and not wasted your shot as a car went by, but rather waited until the ENTIRE universe was ready for that shot to happen. By forcing students to pay for their rolls hopefully they'd develop a sense of why certain photos are considered "good" or "bad" and therefore be challenged to take better pictures.  A week is the perfect amount of time to take 24 pictures.  Why not, right?

Disposable rolls are for me a good time to experiment.  Portraits (which I am not too fond of) are made easier for some reason with the handy disposable.  The cameras themselves don't get in the way and I have no worries about it getting smashed by some skateboard or dropped in the water, whatever.

I'll stop talking now.  Here are some of my favorites I took over the past two months touring through Western Canada with the goof troop..

Charles sprays the lip as a BC grom looks on.
"Am I really gonna be that hairy someday?" he thinks...

Vancouver, BC.
Lights and timing and a nice night.

Jasper, AB

Furry balls and fire

Canadian road trip shot

And a token "sunset on the beach" shot for good measure!!

Now get outside and take some pictures people!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Golden ideas

cracks in pavement disappear
perspectives shifting towards the sky
ominous grey clouds out-loom sunshine
the sun is not that high

but we are
on a beach away from winds
that tear leaves off the trees
and rip through clothing like a
twister through a broken barn

bare skin and nakedness
hold me closer to your breast
endless warmth with every breath
naturally alive and best

believe there is a way to better
health and happiness
covered up in fabrics like
a house covered in paint
that can be changed at season's whim

left to the weather to wither away
with age comes wisdom I am told
what happens when we repaint
what we no longer want to see
in thin leaves of gold

gilded thoughts are not so heavy
as we wish them to be.
solid gold is what we're going for
weight don't lie to me.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunshine Hiding

Past few days have been mostly wonderful here in Vancouver.  Besides breaking the crank of my bike and another flat tire.  I'm saying fuck bikes for the rest of my time here and skateboarding.  Saw a bunch of fun stuff in Stanley Park for the 125th birthday of Vancouver.  Two days ago we saw Mother Mother.  Last night was Neko Case and then a set by her other band, Vancouver natives, the New Pornographers.  All for free.  All outside.  All with fun friends.  And sunshine.

Put a flower in your hair
just to watch it wilt away
you stole its beauty for yourself
you selfish thing
as if we need to water you
to keep you nice and pretty

hehehe, sooooooo many beautiful people in this city!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Astral Gatherings

Looking west on a summers eve
the solstice passed
was celebrated in a forest full of trees
and we made fire
embers burning still
like stars
The Northern Light guided us
further east adrift
a pile outside Edmonton
amazing energy attracted
metaphysically and musically.

Apparently feeling poetically inclined :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spontaneous Adventure

I came up to Vancouver last week sometime.  Since then I have travelled some 2,000 kilometers east then west on a crazy adventure with some of my best friends.

The offer was Jasper for a couple nights, Calgary for one, and then back to BC in time to see my beloved Vancouver Canucks take Lord Stanley's Cup (game seven finals on Wednesday in Vancouver).  We ended up forgetting about Calgary on the first day, opting instead to stay in the outdoor adventure friendly Jasper, AB.

If you click on that picture you can zoom into it.  That's Jasper on the right ride of the photo.  That shot is taken looking north east toward Edmonton some 4 hours away.  We were reassured by our local guide, Ryker, that there was much more to see in Jasper than the urban centers of Calgary and Edmonton.  The drive was unreal, through valleys of true giants: Athabascan glaciers and massive mountains covered in aged pine and birch bursting with fragrant life!  We saw a bunch of wildlife on the drive alone.  Elk, mountain goat, and even a black bear on the way in.  I was reminded kindly by the sun that summertime is in fact on its way. It seemed in Jasper as though summertime was already here.

We had some stuff to do in Jasper, but mostly our days were spent outdoors.  Hiked to a nice view of Patricia and Pyramid Lake the first day.  Then Ryker gave us an amazing tour of the National Park (which he somehow facilitated for free).  Jumped off some big cliffs into a cold Horseshoe Lake, checked out some dope falls at the Edge of the World, and drank a pint of the finest stout I've ever tasted at Jasper brewpub with the boys ($4 a pint with Ryker's local discount).

The view from the Pyramid Lake - Jasper trail was unbelievable.  I completely and totally fell in love with the surrounding beauty.  Everywhere I looked there was something more I thought was impossible to miss.  A mountain range I hadn't seen, or a feature on a hillside, or another lake, another peak poking out of the horizon.  Undeniable beauty.

There will be more pics up soon of my Facebook.  Just uploaded a bunch from New Zealand too.

If you're feeling bored at all this summer just get out a map, draw a big circle around wherever you are and check the perimeter for potentially cool places you've never been.  Then find some friends and go for a few days.  Don't forget your freedom (if you got it).

Happy trails!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

A few preliminary photos

There are a million places to put photos these days.  Photographers in this digital age share their work online (flickr, facebook, picasa, blogs, etc.)  Most of our photos end up being deleted, many more end up locked on some external hard drive lost and unseen.

Through my travels and what not I have found sharing photos on Facebook to be the easiest way to let my friends see my work.  This blog is about the process of art as much as it is about art, life, whatever. But what I post in one place (or even what photo I choose/like or reject/dislike) varies depending on the audience.  That is not to say that I shoot for a specific audience (besides myself).  I don't shoot for anyone but me.  I like to take photos of all sorts of things.  Peoples, cars, animals, the sky, the mountains, ocean, boats, roads, backstreets, bums, trash, shiny things, yadda yadda yadda.

In the process of selection/editing (which really takes up the most of my "photography" time) something around 80% of my photos disappear to me.  The ones yall see are usually topical, personal, art shots, or "the best" (haha!)

Here are a couple that I have no reason to post :))  I just like them, the people in them, or the story they tell.

The story of this series is "feeding out at L.C. Horse Farm."  Hope you enjoy them!!

Buckets and buckets of rolled oats and molasses, feed supplements, and horses names.

Takanini feed:
Asian, No. 2, oats, electrolytes, sugar beets

Hugo the kitten takes a nice cat nap under Kevin's cap

More photos to come :)

keep checkin here and on my Facebook for more!!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Definitly just gotta say


that is all for now.  In Vancouver for the weekend.  Going to the beach again tomorrow, fixing my bike at MEC with Dip, and then back to Seattle for a while.  Nice to see Vancouver go crazy for the Cup.  Went busking tonight with my boys.  Watched a lot of people enjoying themselves on an early summers eve :))



Thursday, June 2, 2011

I do this every time

wait too long
then don't wait long enough

see nothing
then see way too much

the situation
changing all the time

a new car
on the road
is used already

i see your face
in all my dreams
why can't you
be near me

this time is realer
than the last
but oh
how can it be

we do
underestimate emotions
underestimate thought
underestimate the time it took
to find out

that I do this every time

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The sun shined outside today :)

Summer time is coming
and I am running away.

Good bye to friends and family for a little while.
Adventure calls with room and board
a winter in the south
the trade's a summer in the north.

The other hemisphere with
names and shapes and stars
I've never known.
I've never thought to ever go here
but I think the time is now.
There are people here
and they're there too
on the flanks of new volcanoes.

Over my mountains and all the ocean
nearly to the land of Oz
I'm just another astronaut stuck here on earth
exploring what we've got.

So today I got a ticket to a place I now must go.
With constant optimism
good vibes surely are to flow.

For reals.  If you want a postcard from New Zealand leave your address and maybe you'll find something in the mail.

I leave tomorrow.  To work on a horse farm in Clevedon, NZ for a month or two.  Should be good work, good fun.

Not looking forward to the flight down.  I'd take a flying monkey if it was faster :)

Peace be with you!!

to gaze upon atop of new volcanos
towards winter in
another hemisphere
nowhere I'd thought I'd be

Thursday, March 24, 2011


going to Canada tomorrow!!!

Gonna shralp some, get some, see some, people, shows, and so much stuff to dooooo.

In three days I hope I can.

My good friend Kieran Doyle has hopped across the pond for a brief moment of madness and as time so happens to coincide I've got the next few days off work!  Funtastic.

Complete with a Funday Munday, which is nice.

Just got two rolls of film developed.  Should get a few shots from each.  When I'm feeling especially prone to insomnia I'll post them probably listening to ASOT or Galactic or neither and something else.  Scanning and uploading is a bitch.  Especially if you're lazy.  Or its sunny and there's somewhere to bike to. Or shinyyyy shit distracts you.

just sayin.

Here are a couple of nuggets from Bellingham.  Home to many homies.  I'll be passing through on my way north tomorrow, late night, lots of skis, you know how we do!  ¡hacia la nieve la niegeeeeeee!


the moon was WAYYYY bigger the other night

inside looking out.

what do you see!?


Sunday, March 20, 2011


here we are both i and you shadows in a dim lit room the hero has just left the both of us naked sitting upright. suddenly alone. we feel the breeze as it snakes through the room like the smoke of something we have only just exhumed an hour ago or maybe less.  it must be you or have you left as well already right behind the smoke. you hide behind your eyes. mythical or not can this be real. is this for real. for real its not: it's always fleeting like perfection, youth, and wit. and spirit too apparently..this story might continue.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

some ski footy :)

Here's a quick edit I made with footage from another Wednesday shred at Steven's pass...

Snow has been good!!

Heading to Crystal this weekend to shred with my dad and some Marmot folks.  Hope they see this SICK VIDEO!!

Clearly I'm the best skier on the mountain :))


there will be more later, as always.. send me some musical suggestions!!  if you wanna hear some song in a film I might just choose it!!

All shot on a go pro which might make me look like a tool but is totally awesome.

peace love and pow pow!!

ps- thanks to Phil Wampold for driving and kickin it with me all day.

shred on!!

ps- youtube link :))

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

get it?

I don't even know if I get it sometimes

Sunday, February 13, 2011

a weird love poem?

Tell me what you're looking for
and I'll go out and find it
bring it back to you
wrapped up in a blanket

I can't seem to find
anything interesting

I can't seem to find
blind intelligence
this artificial sweetener
is bad after-

Don't give me answers
really really make me work for it
it really isn't worth that much
if you got it for free

You'd pay for love with
pixie dust
(though cocaine would probably do)

But all you really need is lust
so save the drugs for later.

Send us out into society
tell me all those lies
of liberty and love (the best)

And then just sleep with me

Happy Valentines day yall, hahahaha

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And and Andventures?

And so on the seventeenth day of the month they marched out to the van and got inside and went wherever it went it went fast and slow sometimes.  The speed of fun is often blinding or at the least hard to remember in the morning when you wake up where the fuck am I?  You know the feeling?  Want to be there every night at some point not forever (only passing by) the bright lights flashing heat of human bodies hanging by the door.  Everybody's been there is there anything for me thats new for us to do? yes? let us thrash away the time we've separated our lives from reality and this is?  what is this we're sharing, please define it? something something blah blah something.  Thanks a million slam the door lock up the back and start to roll away from all the same things cities faces hit refresh or drink a brew or.

and yeah

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Greener place

just a greenhouse in the middle of winter.

Double exposure with idling cars.
I f**king LOVE photography.
When shit works out like this.
Just a blind idea inside the eye.

Hope everything grows well!!
gracias/garden party shoutouts to
Torii, Meghan, Erin, et al...

Thanks for looking :)

Energy of cosmos

Last night as smoke rose
into the dim night
I lay awake
eyes closed
but holding onto something in my mind.

Or was it in the
night sky
you know the stars look like your eyes.

Staring further into darkness
the blankets of
our atmosphere
were warm with passion
like petals pressed on skin
far away I fell into a dream.

In the morning as
I lay awake
the cosmos rushed through me.

Somehow inside myself
I wished to see
what I cannot see
but tell me what can you see
with eyes closed?

Waking up the pillow
in the morning
next to me
was warm and smelled
like flowers
I have neither smelled nor ever seen.

Was that a dream within a dream?  Meta-poetry?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's all the same

"It's all the same
just rearranged
so you don't know my name"
she says to me.
Don't I feel lame
that pickup line that never worked
never works again.

and off to sleep
the last call bell has rung
the phone is off
streetlights hum alongside
passing cars

and I feel like she's on to me

another drink
another day another week

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Un Viejo Poema

This was written in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Randomly popped into my head the other day.  Shite poem but then I was thinking and blah blah blah theres more below.

Things you Say
"Your voice is like warm milk," never
been told that before.
"I'd love you if you wouldn't leave me,"
as it I want to go.
And my hands suck the heat out of
your skin so cold.
And I wonder what this will feel like
if I grow old.

So then I was like that should be called "things you said" cause I don't hear you anymore (which is fine, by the way, cause you'll always be cool) and you'd never say that to no one else, right? yeah. right.  feel free to copy them, readers. like it was that original in the first place, bahahaha.  I read this shit I write sometimes and am fifty percent of the time like wtf?  and then thirty two percent like "shit" or "gay" or "HHWI" or whatever it doesn't usually see the light of day. . . this leaves me (or should I say you) to read the top ten percent that I care enough about to type up and let you read.  Now you math people are thinking, "where's that last eight percent, Sean?"

I have no idea.  It got away somehow and I haven't been able to make it come back.  I need to hire better bounty hunters.  Maybe its just the percentage of stuff I come up with while improvising, writing stream of consciousness on computers all over the world (if you ever open up a document called "piensas" in an Argentine hostel send me an email, hahaha, mi correo está debajo, jejeje)  But I thought surely that my impromtu stuff got censored by someone at the WTF committee.  Ah so new bounty hunters...

That's about where I was at when I got on here and wrote this...

Things you say

things you said

things you wish
you want to take away
maybe sin or
bliss of memory

nothing seems
now quite the same
defeated ideas grow
momentum new ones
never even roll.

Defeat and victory
are silly concepts
for you and me
for you and me
to want to live together
we must make together
make it
something better
than is was before

Is equality too much to ask for?

faster forward
towards the future
is every mind here with us?

we do forget
masses perhaps
standing by the roadside
pause and ask
instead of pass
and listen to the

everyone chooses
different ones
but we do like
our assumptions

if we're to live
we must forgive

and move towards
a stronger junction

where we can believe
in more than ourselves
and depend more on others

like a coalition of lovers
instead of either

we gotta do this better next time.
I need to write some better rhymes.


¿la proxima en español?  si alguien se quiere...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scotch Mist

I stumbled upon this a while back but never thought to share it.  One of my favorite bands playing one of my favorite albums.  Start playing it hahahahaha.  Then keep reading?  

The other day I was chatting with this guy.

He goes to school in Scotland and lives back East in Massachusetts.
I haven't seen him since San Silvestre days in Argentina..

The video is pretty sweet from a musicians perspective. All the cameras afford awesome angles and countless shots. Live Radiohead must be insane. All the different noises (and where each one is coming from) fascinates me. Music that leaves me wondering often gets remembers.

"What was that about?"
"What was that noise?"
How wow no way man holy crap that is perfect is that a perfect song what is perfection was that even a song of course it was was it blah blah blah

The video is visually appealing as well, which is nice :))  The final track on In Rainbows, Nude (at 46:26 in the vid) is accompanied by mindblowingly slow motioned out videography that makes me want to dream away or drift away or softcore headbang away for hours.

You know when you never want something to end?  Like that.

Try to take a minute and get lost in it.  Or at least go get lost in something :))

For me it's daydreaming I'm listening to Radiohead mellow me out inside El Club Social en La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina with Carlos drinking some Scotch as the band serenades us through the Mist.

There it is the Mist of Time
(have I time for one last
"don't make it cheeky"
no sir thank you
yes I wont

fix that later :P

Monday, January 10, 2011


Sneaking through the falling leaves the stars shine brilliantly.  As each bit of carbon wears away with wind and rain and stormy days, so do stars begin.  Energy is not lost or found; forever to remain in outer spaces we don’t understand enough; we try and try. Immaculate beginnings end in supernova styles like bright blasts of light: explosions in the sky.  Not tied to anything particular it makes something out of nothing and into the dark star big black hole do I hope to be swallowed.  Re remain unimportant but seen (even seldom(ly) it seems) okay with me to be the one stuck in the middle of the darkness.  Surrounded by all that other light.  Surrounded by a universe so grandiose and large that is but another speck on some aliens radar…

We got the cagefighting blog back and rolling...hit dis shit up man!!

email me if you want the username and password to contribute!!


Monday, January 3, 2011


away another year
so here is whats to come

save money for adventures
play more tennis
keep on blazing trails to places others do no want to go
or are afraid to
or for whatever reason have overlooked
take more pictures
be outside more

there it is for all you resolution makers
I won't obsess about the future
as I find the present
presently just fine

Be back in BC for the weekend...thursdy friday saturday look like pow days up at Whis!!