Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I feel these days that I truly am a professional waiter.

Made $68 today waiting tables.  Easy work, a bit stressful, relatively fun, and I get paid to do it.  I was thinking about how funny the title of "waiter" really is.

My entire life has been about doing things, not sitting around doing nothing.  Certainly not waiting for anything.  And yet the best paid jobs I've had have required no real intellect and little physical work from me.  Not exactly a strong demonstration of industrial tendencies.  I stand around and wait.

I make tips.  People give me money based on how they're feeling, how well the service was, did I forget the silverware, was that a fork with my creme brule, no straw in the soda, forgot to ask if they wanted dessert, didn't put lemos in the water, soup was too hot, coffee was to cold, blah blah blah blah blah.
Some people just don't tip.  Fair enough.  It's your money unless you give it to me...

People ask me why I'm not "doing something with my degrees" or "getting a real job" or "doing anything with my life" (thanks Dad, jokes).  I am.  University teaches you how to think and it gives you a taste of reality with a larger dose of theoretical bullshit.  I am merely wandering different paths, figuring out which one will be the best.  I have time, so why not wait.

Investments are often times about waiting.  They develop over time, prices rising and falling with the times.  Five years is nothing.  University doesn't speed up real life experience.  It's not a time machine.  When you get out the world turns just as fast and classes start same day next year too.  Invest some time in being free and open minded, thinking about the future but not too far ahead.

Waiting for now is good.  I have been trying to live more in the moment and realized the other day at work that waiting for good tips is just that- handling situation moment by moment.  Each is unique, be creative, solve the problem, collect a dollar, and move on.

My schedule is bomb too.  I have tons of time off which allows me to hang with friends, play music, go to late night shows, bike after work, and skateboard more (the pipe is sickkkkkK!!) :))

I think I'm going up to Van again this weekend to see the amigos.  Can't wait.  That crowds always a good time.

Peace love and no flies in the soup,


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back in Van

Vancouver's always got its charm.  Don't know how or why or when I'm going to get back there but I'm back again for a minute maybe longer.

A girl at Tim Hortons today gave me a red pen when asked if she had one.  Super Canadian, eh?

Blinking green lights
rainy streets
Busses rolling by.
Coffee in a café costs
3.40 Canadian dollars.
Yuppies mingle more than cars
smoke billows out
back allies.

Listening to some Creedence Clear Water Revival at a friends place right now.  "Looks like we're in for nasty weather."

"That was fucking good,"

I kind of want some more.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Something Has Been Lost...but I thank you for finding me :))))

I lost my little magical book of thoughts at one of the best Bumbershoot days I can remember.

Something's lost but something's gained.  Right?

Maybe someday in the distant future it will reappear when I need that stupid poem written around that pressed poppy most.

When on earth will I EVER need that poem?  How about today?  I got nothin.

I got somethin else though...

To all my loyal followers, thanks for one thousand views (since I put up that awesome counter).  And thanks to Will Atlas most for hooking me up with the counter :)

It gives me some weird sense of wellbeing knowing that I have a lone reader in Vietnam;

that as of today one hundred and sixty nine people in Iceland have been keeping up on my efforts (wtf Iceland! Thanks? Way to go? I love you all?);

that there are sixteen randoms reading in from Japan.

It's crazy.

Someday I hope to stumble upon your random blogs and visit you in your random countries.  Nice to know the world is watching me (even if it's from behind the safety of a screen).

Hope you all like something here.  I definitely don't expect everyone to like everything I ever put up on this page.  But even if you liked something, thanks for liking it.

I do it all for nobody in particular.

Tell your friends, your mom's and dad's, your friends' mom's and dad's.  Someday we'll all be famous :))

Input is always welcome.  Comment, "like" shit, email me, give me ideas (one can never have too many).  I'd love to hear what y'all think of this madness.

Here's to another thousand views!!

Much love,


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Daydream I had at work...

So I was at work standing around at seven or so in the morning yesterday and no one was coming into the coffee shop.  I started daydreaming and soon fell into my favorite theme of travel.  I always tend to wander to the ends of the earth (so to speak).  Or of my mind; I quite like it there on the edge of control or complete lack thereof, sanity/insanity, old/new, urban/rural, good/bad, clean/dirty, water/land, life/death.  Sometimes I feel like we are always trying so hard to live between the words of these dichotomies.  Like we wanna be kinda crazy.  But not CRAZY.  Like we wanna drive really fast but we got airbags.  Like we're gonna live in the suburbs when we grow up because the woods are dark and scary but the bright lights of the city burn our eyes so on we drive.  We are constantly adjusting, never trusting ourselves with too much of anything...even if its free.

I think perspective can be gained in our journeys from edge to edge.  A lot of people are alive but not living.  Likewise some dead live on.  Make the mundane to be extraordinary and live it every day.

I've never been to Costa Rica.  A lot of people tell me I should go.  Sounds far away.  I would love to.

Costa Rica
Me voy al fin de mundo
para descubrir
que conozco
Para ver el mar
y hablar con las olas.

Some Place
I am going to the end of the earth
to discover
what I know
To look at the ocean
and to talk with the waves.

Let's see what this next day holds...