Saturday, April 23, 2011

The sun shined outside today :)

Summer time is coming
and I am running away.

Good bye to friends and family for a little while.
Adventure calls with room and board
a winter in the south
the trade's a summer in the north.

The other hemisphere with
names and shapes and stars
I've never known.
I've never thought to ever go here
but I think the time is now.
There are people here
and they're there too
on the flanks of new volcanoes.

Over my mountains and all the ocean
nearly to the land of Oz
I'm just another astronaut stuck here on earth
exploring what we've got.

So today I got a ticket to a place I now must go.
With constant optimism
good vibes surely are to flow.

For reals.  If you want a postcard from New Zealand leave your address and maybe you'll find something in the mail.

I leave tomorrow.  To work on a horse farm in Clevedon, NZ for a month or two.  Should be good work, good fun.

Not looking forward to the flight down.  I'd take a flying monkey if it was faster :)

Peace be with you!!

to gaze upon atop of new volcanos
towards winter in
another hemisphere
nowhere I'd thought I'd be