Wednesday, December 12, 2012

wow weird energy this week.. must be the end of the world or somethin..  please everyone, back to normal when it's over?  once the madness has subdued 12/12/12 have we not entered a portal to the new world order in the court is not the worry its your mind its controlled by systems that seem to have wiped you blind.  free yourself from mental slavery become one within and then for others. spread the light into the dark places wherever you may go.  we shall all live forever! but if not then now is all we have to live fear not because the stories been retold a million times at once you're new at once you're old.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

anti gravity

it took time to count all those stars
a lifetime of carefully plotting out the points
where we'd like to be.  as if we could even all the points.
infinite as it appears to be.  beyond what I care to think about.
Someday is so far away from the moment that I am in.
stars like headlights of passing cars are flying past the cockpit
as i transcend into places where, familiar as they may seem
are nothing but completely new to me.

All those stars get rearranged
as more paths manifest
until the course we're on is chosen
or thought to be the best
until a better opportunity
more stars come into view
and suddenly to choose seems futile (doom doom doom)

so you cease to be the captain of your own ship
now the captain is the sea...
of stars that navigate around you,
chosen entity
to be enlightened one must care not about ones being
but instead, the energy
let your body wander freely all throughout the galaxies
at the whim of stardust dreams and energy
what is life without the walk
the memories of a journey
don't worry where just go
the rest will sort itself like stars into the patterns in the sky we recognize.