Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Black and White (BBW)

Shot a roll of Ilford XP2 a few months back, just scanned the negs.  Really dig it.  XP2 is black and white film (emulsion) that is color processed (C41).  The grain looks great, it preformed well in different lighting situations, and the black and white is just so sexy.

"It looks 'old school'! like what is that?" a friend asked me.

It is just film.  If I knew how to work my scanner better these scans would probably come out better.  I plan on printing a couple, let me know if you like any that I post in particularly.

Most of the blur can be attributed to the less than stellar plastic Holga lens.
Without it, the watercolor-like photos would never turn out.
If it had a better lens, I'd never use it AND/OR spill beer on it all the time, like I do anyways.

(check back in soon for the end of a roll I spilled beer on...really cool effects, hahaha)

New Scans

Sometimes I'm just lazy and don't do anything artistically productive.  I tend to hate myself retrospectively for those periods of time.  I have had these four rolls of film just sitting in a box for a couple months.  Just doing nothing.  Been busy doing other things, blah blah blah.  Well I scanned them tonight and theres a bunch of goodies in there.  Makes me all excited to go take some more.

Here's a few keepers to whet your appetite :))

turns out I still love the Holga.
That first shot is like a watercolor.
And the double exposure is one of my favorites I've ever taken!
Love sharing new photos.
Let me know what you think!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn Comes

Autumn comes this year
fools the weatherman predicting three days of rain,
we get
the spoils of an indian summer
beneath the sliver of a new moon

the clouds are gathering
among the mountains they are tall and white and bulbous
basking in the setting suns darkest hues
of pink and deepest purple

to the north the clouds consume the entire sky
as the sun fades
every shade of grey blankets
everything below

"It's too hot outside,"
I heard him say.  This was before the rain.
It's always never good enough for some.
I guess we have our days.
Some feel the need to just complain, no matter if it rains.

We cannot change the weather
so like the sunshine
like the rain
no matter what you do some things you cannot change
so enjoy both in their respective seasons
they like you just the same.