Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nothin doin

Planted some more corn, pumpkins, carrots, and spinach today.  The lettuce is already coming up and the some animals have taken a liking to the roots of a couple corn stalks.  Buggers.

Little cuz Mike Mullany wanted a shoutout so here goes:  congrats on the graduation buddy!!  Sorry I couldn't stay longer.  now that I'm home I (of course) am wishing I had stayed for longer.  I'll be back down soon.

In the meantime it's back to Vancouver for the weekend.  Got some music to play, people to see, parties to attend.  Rough life.

See you on the otherside (of the border).


ps- my band's purevolume site:  check it out and let me know what you think!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Una Mezcla de Words of Wisdom

Te lo dije
"cómo sa va?"
como la tierra
está llena con sol
y agua

And love
you had some in a place
we left behind

that city was
dirty and drunk
on moonlight and fernet
(para vos)

I drank for the morning to come
You drank to forget
something you had
left behind

We got along because
we did not understand each other
Because we chose not to
because we both spoke
a language that was not
our own

esta noche con la luna
con la luz
con la blanca
de la sábana

desde polvo de santos
y leyendas de libros
que nunca
he leido

Y leer

y vivir

pienso que los arboles
y las papeles
en que las palabras
estaban escribiendo
son como
en qualquiera manera

Quiero cruzar la frontera
el mar
con una oja
como un barco
de madera

I bleed into pages
of paper bleached white
I bleed blue
and black
and red

And I write
what I want
and I do
not even know

What I want
is so simple

it puzzles myself
when I see the nonsense that
surrounds us all

And yet I type
all the nonsense
until you tell me
to stop

I can love
you if you
want me

simplicity in
simple terms

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is a day full of wonder and dirt

The past week has been pretty radtacular.

Went up to BC on Friday to party for Taka's birthday.  It was rad.  Then I helped Chuck and some homies set up a sweet tree net in a secret location overlooking one of the finest strips of shoreline Vancouver has to offer.  The net held 5 of us dudes once the knots were double-checked and secure.  We had a minor falling incident (or should I say failing) that involved a perfect front flip, 20 feet of air, and a 45 degree angled cliff.  I'll just say now that we were all quite lucky that day.

The net and the hangmen

Top secret location with a view

All together now!!
I couldn't believe it held us all!!

I hit up wreck beach with Cheese and Amine the next day for some quality sunshine.  Nothin like chillin on the beach with the bros, playin tunes and listening to waves.  The ladies weren't too bad either ;)

Wreck Beach sunsets are the bomb!!

I gotta give a shout-out to the Dharma Kitchen (Broadway and Alma, Vancouver).  Great place to chill out, amazing food (as always), and the waitstaff is incredibly good.  There that is, haha!!

Best part of my long weekend had to be the epic Wreck Beach bonfire!!  Every night the cops have been clearing the beach after dusk.  The one night they didn't clear it off some friends threw a big bonfire party for a buddy's birthday (Happy bday, Gary!!) and it went off without a hitch.  We had booze, flames, and even a late night skinny dip sesh.  Always healthy, always fun.  It was nice seeing a whole host of people I don't usually see together.

Happy birthday, Gary!!  What a crew!!

I left Vancouver after watching the Chicago Blackhawks overtime Stanley Cup win.  Big day for hockey.  It was nice to see Philly lose at home, haha.  Not a huge PA fan.

Back in Seattle its been a continuation of the Summerfest up north.  UW seniors graduated today (congrats out to my boy Will Wilder for gett er done as well as to the others I know walking).  I went skating in the morning after another night partying with my sister.  Yesterday I chilled with Jack and his pops before jamming with Woody, Ben, and Jack at a random BBQ.  Thanks for having us, btw.  After the rando BBQ I attended the Evergreen School Alumni BBQ with my sis and the lone representative from  my class (beside me, duh), Kate Watkins.  It was a trip going back and seeing some of my old teachers and talking Life with them.

That dude doesn't even play drums, hahaha!!
Wicked keys tho!  Not a bad gig!

The World Cup started yesterday too!!  Arriba Uruguay!!  And thank goodness the US hasn't choked yet.  Hope everything goes down smoothly in Jburg.

Lastly I turned the compost pile in my backyard today.  First time in a while.  I can't wait to plant some corn and potatoes this week.  I miss South America and the farms down there.  I gotta get back asap.  Until then I'll be trying my best to put all my fieldnotes to good use and grow some food!!  I'll keep ya updated on how many plants I kill :P

Lastly a wee poem :)

Summer dirt and sun

The scent of summer
dirt and sun
burning seeping
through my skin
under fingernails

Dead stalks of corn
from yesteryear
rise slowly to the top
pitchfork turns the soil
black from brown

Sun dries the dead
withered green limbs
leaves left littered
from fall find
themselves turned

In another month
with luck and sun and watering
seeds will sprout
and grow
with lots of love

Off to somewhere!!  Can't wait to plant seeds this week!!  See yall soon!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Making Music

Nothings as simple
nothings more pure
nothings as easy
nothings more sure
than making music
with my friends.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Innocent Sun Rises

Watch us as we play
we won't be here for long
And what we give we take
away from everything
disturbed the earth is
the soil and the sun
what it gives it takes
away we go
another place
new to destroy
we lack any
more innocence
the sunrise every morning
things taken for granted
ignorance is
not innocence.
Watch us as we grow
up taller
towards the sky
how big can we get
until nothing
is left

Past couple days have been weird.  I'm back to Vancouver for the weekend.  Happy birthday Taka!!  I got a lotta stuff to get done.  And a lot is on my mind.  I can't believe the world today.  I fear for the Earth and our future here.  It seems we can't stop from killing ourselves sooner or later. Like we just can't wait for the world to end, we must rush it's already untimely demise.  Poor Mother Earth. Look at all she has done for us.  And for the sake of ourselves we have ruined her.  I'm disappointed.


I'll feel better tomorrow when the sun rises.