Monday, March 29, 2010

Bout time to post some pictures...

Light is absolutely important.  Sometimes when it is dark the world is cold and uninviting.
When it is light outside, and we can see ourselves, we interact with one another.
And meet up at lit parks at night to play frisbee.

This is the view from Raven's crest atop Blueberry Hill.
The clouds are lovely and its sunny to the north in the valley.
Right now it is snowing at Whistler.

These girls rock.
They danced with THE ROOTS!!
Front row, with the creepy fat dudes and the hot hot girls.

The Rings in Whistler Village

Some of my Norwegian friends.
Various important people.
A princess too.

We checked out the Athletes Village so Princess Martha Louise could inspire/stoke/encourage the Norge sledge-hockey team before their Bronze medal game versus Canada.

Me, Martin, Else (Norge Ambassador to Canada), Tom Johannson (Head of Norwegian Police),
and my "client" Tove Paule, President of the Norwegian Olympics/Paralympic Association.

Martha Louise loves trees :)
We went to the Capilano suspension bridge for an hour or so before the Bronze medal game.
She is the Princess of Norway and was very excited to be able to wander around Vancouver/Whistler with relative anonymity.  We made idle chit chat and joked around about things.
She is very kind, down to earth, and playful.
Working with her was a royal pleasure, bahahaha

This is the skip of the Norwegian Wheelchair Curling team, Princess Martha Louise, and my buddy Sundin (a fellow VanOC driver), posing for a photo for me :)

Madness after the Norwegians defeated the overrated Team Canada 2-1 in the final seconds of the third period.  The Princess went nuts along with Tove and these three women.  They hung out at Thunderbird Arena for a while then we headed back to the hotel.
I had a party to get to.

Stephan Harper just wanted to get the fuck outta there, hahaha!!

Ahhh, yes, the party.
This might have been one of the best parties I've ever been to in my life.
And it was at my house!!
Charles, Gaelen, and Will all celebrated their birthdays on Friday the 19th at the Taj Loveall at an Atlantis themed event.
Throughout the week I had let the Norwegians know they were invited but not expected to show.
So I was quite surprised to see eight of them,
including Princess Martha, show up in the middle of the madness.
I got them beer (not without spilling on the princess, actually...shyt) and let them do their thang.
Tove got pretty wild painting all the young men.
The picture is of the head of the Norwegian lottery shredding on guitar.
He played a nice little blues set in Chucks room before heading
out to the big stage to deliver some serious entertainment.
Songs in Norwegian, some ACDC, some of BC's finest, hahahaha!
All of this while donning a poncho to guard the axe from the Norwegian flag
Ali had so lovingly painted on hi chest.
We finished the beer.
I still haven't recovered from the shock of it all.

But this is why I came here.  This is why my Dad says that I'll "never leave Vancouver."
He might be right.
These mountains are mine.  I love them and they reciprocate.
This is what I want to take with me.
Everywhere I go.

Scene from the Sea to Sky
(with clouds on top)

What is in there? Where is it going? How much does it cost? Who takes it where? And when and why and how and and and and and contain yourself.

Whipple's O face

Compton's Response
"Butt Pie"

I saw this bus and thought:
If I could go to all points, which points would they be?
So I took a picture.

Then I wondered if there is an all points spaceship,
'cause that shit would be cool.

Nothing but peace love and unity,


ps- a birdy told me:
ahhhhhhhhh, it truly is that easy!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Change in the Wind

The storm is beginning to brew.  Bold new clouds tower over mountains who wish them away some days. But not today.  Or yesterday.  When last night it snowed, the clouds dumped their shit on the flanks of my mountains, I awoke in the morning, elated and energized.  If not a bit surprised.  I tossed on two planks and rode it through til it was packed.  My jacket with powder, my face with a smile.

A new storm is beginning to brew.  One in my life that will come in due time and take a new set of coordinates that I will deem mine for the moment.  It will be southernly and warm in the air.  I will carry no doubts but not be arrogant about bodies or doubt or beliefs.  This is what I have, look at what we've been given.  So weave your own story, tie your own ribbon, make a beat you can dance to with rhythm so loose, you're the only one that can choose what you do.  So take a life, take a breath, make a move.

The storm is beginning to brew.  I feel the winds of something new.  The breeze that brings change in the weather forebodes another chapter of life that waits to be told, but hold on to your horses not yet.  The seasons have yet to forget, they are last, their last station but a place we have stood.  Believe in the future, it's coming either way.  We are not seasons we're people who change day to day.

Confidence isn't easy but necessary.

"Don't worry be happy."


ps- go to Sasquatch, all of you!!