Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's all the same

"It's all the same
just rearranged
so you don't know my name"
she says to me.
Don't I feel lame
that pickup line that never worked
never works again.

and off to sleep
the last call bell has rung
the phone is off
streetlights hum alongside
passing cars

and I feel like she's on to me

another drink
another day another week

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Un Viejo Poema

This was written in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Randomly popped into my head the other day.  Shite poem but then I was thinking and blah blah blah theres more below.

Things you Say
"Your voice is like warm milk," never
been told that before.
"I'd love you if you wouldn't leave me,"
as it I want to go.
And my hands suck the heat out of
your skin so cold.
And I wonder what this will feel like
if I grow old.

So then I was like that should be called "things you said" cause I don't hear you anymore (which is fine, by the way, cause you'll always be cool) and you'd never say that to no one else, right? yeah. right.  feel free to copy them, readers. like it was that original in the first place, bahahaha.  I read this shit I write sometimes and am fifty percent of the time like wtf?  and then thirty two percent like "shit" or "gay" or "HHWI" or whatever it doesn't usually see the light of day. . . this leaves me (or should I say you) to read the top ten percent that I care enough about to type up and let you read.  Now you math people are thinking, "where's that last eight percent, Sean?"

I have no idea.  It got away somehow and I haven't been able to make it come back.  I need to hire better bounty hunters.  Maybe its just the percentage of stuff I come up with while improvising, writing stream of consciousness on computers all over the world (if you ever open up a document called "piensas" in an Argentine hostel send me an email, hahaha, mi correo está debajo, jejeje)  But I thought surely that my impromtu stuff got censored by someone at the WTF committee.  Ah so new bounty hunters...

That's about where I was at when I got on here and wrote this...

Things you say

things you said

things you wish
you want to take away
maybe sin or
bliss of memory

nothing seems
now quite the same
defeated ideas grow
momentum new ones
never even roll.

Defeat and victory
are silly concepts
for you and me
for you and me
to want to live together
we must make together
make it
something better
than is was before

Is equality too much to ask for?

faster forward
towards the future
is every mind here with us?

we do forget
masses perhaps
standing by the roadside
pause and ask
instead of pass
and listen to the

everyone chooses
different ones
but we do like
our assumptions

if we're to live
we must forgive

and move towards
a stronger junction

where we can believe
in more than ourselves
and depend more on others

like a coalition of lovers
instead of either

we gotta do this better next time.
I need to write some better rhymes.


¿la proxima en español?  si alguien se quiere...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scotch Mist

I stumbled upon this a while back but never thought to share it.  One of my favorite bands playing one of my favorite albums.  Start playing it hahahahaha.  Then keep reading?  

The other day I was chatting with this guy.

He goes to school in Scotland and lives back East in Massachusetts.
I haven't seen him since San Silvestre days in Argentina..

The video is pretty sweet from a musicians perspective. All the cameras afford awesome angles and countless shots. Live Radiohead must be insane. All the different noises (and where each one is coming from) fascinates me. Music that leaves me wondering often gets remembers.

"What was that about?"
"What was that noise?"
How wow no way man holy crap that is perfect is that a perfect song what is perfection was that even a song of course it was was it blah blah blah

The video is visually appealing as well, which is nice :))  The final track on In Rainbows, Nude (at 46:26 in the vid) is accompanied by mindblowingly slow motioned out videography that makes me want to dream away or drift away or softcore headbang away for hours.

You know when you never want something to end?  Like that.

Try to take a minute and get lost in it.  Or at least go get lost in something :))

For me it's daydreaming I'm listening to Radiohead mellow me out inside El Club Social en La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina with Carlos drinking some Scotch as the band serenades us through the Mist.

There it is the Mist of Time
(have I time for one last
"don't make it cheeky"
no sir thank you
yes I wont

fix that later :P

Monday, January 10, 2011


Sneaking through the falling leaves the stars shine brilliantly.  As each bit of carbon wears away with wind and rain and stormy days, so do stars begin.  Energy is not lost or found; forever to remain in outer spaces we don’t understand enough; we try and try. Immaculate beginnings end in supernova styles like bright blasts of light: explosions in the sky.  Not tied to anything particular it makes something out of nothing and into the dark star big black hole do I hope to be swallowed.  Re remain unimportant but seen (even seldom(ly) it seems) okay with me to be the one stuck in the middle of the darkness.  Surrounded by all that other light.  Surrounded by a universe so grandiose and large that is but another speck on some aliens radar…

We got the cagefighting blog back and rolling...hit dis shit up man!!


email me if you want the username and password to contribute!!


Monday, January 3, 2011


away another year
so here is whats to come

save money for adventures
play more tennis
keep on blazing trails to places others do no want to go
or are afraid to
or for whatever reason have overlooked
take more pictures
be outside more

there it is for all you resolution makers
I won't obsess about the future
as I find the present
presently just fine

Be back in BC for the weekend...thursdy friday saturday look like pow days up at Whis!!