Thursday, December 24, 2009

The world system of support is people/Merry Christmas!

To all my friends, my family, and to all that be:

Happy holidays, merry chrismakahkwanza, what have you.

Mostly to all the people who don't read this, but even more to those that do.

I want to say that I'm thankful for all that I'm living for.  I want to thank those others like you living.


I love the love you've given me.

[I'd like to give it back like life to my dead cat.]

I'll be "here" for a while.

Wont you just be with me :)

Thanks to all those who's floors I've slept on, whose stories I've heard told til they're Gold. To the one's who have passed along wisdom or food, I'll remember all of you when I am old.  Until then let us be friends.

Lots of Love all over the World,


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pushing Perspectives

A nice view from the cliffs at sunset.

I've been going out just to take pictures lately.  I need constant stimulation I think.
Everything offers some perspective even if you don't see it right away.
A camera is a cool tool to capture perspective with

Elisa is an excellent expert harpist.
The other night I ate dinner with my back to her and her harp and I suddenly found myself dining in a medieval royal castle with a Chinese fire-breathing dragon keeping guard outside the gate!
When Sir Gaelen strolled in with his armor on I invited him to drink mead with me and recount the days battles.  He said it had rained and was soon thereafter seduced by the music.
Unfortunately for me Sir Gaelen caught the glance of the harpist, as he faced her.
They ended up fooling around in fantasy-land long before I.
I think it was grilled cheese.
Or somethin'

The Moon was HUUUUUGE the other night!!
I wanted to see it over Mt. Baker but this was the best I got while driving home, hahaha.
I like purple.

The Hand of God, UBC

Some random girl at the UBC cliffs was kind enough to trade up her zoom for some shots with my fishy.  It was a nice sunset :)

That's right, good clean fun with a fisheye.
I focking lahve those colors.

Charles and George had an impromptu stare-off on the 43.  When I say this I mean:
Charles decided that whoever sat in the pair of facing chairs in the accordion part of the bus had to compete with him in a stare-off.  Luckily for everyone, the first victim was George, a friendly yet formidable opponent surprisingly enough.
He sat down.
Charles sat down.
They laid down the rules and it was ON!
George was totally into it and Charles was ready for the challenge.
Check out everyone's expressions, haha.  Busses are really interesting social spaces.  Everyone has different manners on the bus, you treat people differently, some people consider it some sort of private space while others argue that it is totally shared, public space (which I agree with!)
The stare-off captivated everyone for a solid three minutes until George blinked.
The wager of $1.25 and a smack in the face was recanted by a victorious Charles.
We got off at the next stop.

Late night walk through Nitobe Garden at UBC after a couple hours of indoor soccer?  Why not?
Noel, Chuck, Doug, Amine, and I cruised threw for a warm-down sesh and some photos.
The photos didn't turn out

This guy really took a dive.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sitting wishing disappearing into a thin strip of cold air slipping slowly from under the door.  I wish I could go away with it into the mountains and just turn into snow.  For now it's hope.  Hope that I too can slip through the crack in the door.  Hope that snow actually is coming.  Hope that somewhere there's someone enjoy a warm breeze as much as I enjoy mine cold.

Whistler beckons.  I applied for three jobs there today after striking out completely yesterday on Broadway.  If I get one its to the snow I go.  Bummer :)

Here are some photos of the installation Charles, Paul, and I put up at the Interurban Art Gallery.  Paul has some way better photos of the final project.

Rough frame of one wall.

Paul sat across from me when we took a break to go get grub

He took this phots.   Burgers, yummmm

Ready to get on up!

Charles scoping the room out.

I got Olympics training today at four and Cagefighting (poetry night) after that.  Finally a few things to do to get me out of this jobless monotony.

Until the next time...


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More skiing to come

I have gotten in 6 days so far.  Looking to up that soon.  Wednesday?  Yes.

I went home to see the family for Thanksgiving.  It was really nice to be home for more than one day.  Dad took Erin, Will, and I skiing on Wednesday.  It had rained the day before.  The snow was shyt compared to the stuff all week at Whistler, but we shralped anyways.  We always do.

Will and Erin up on Seventh Heaven.  Steven's Pass, WA

After skiing we went home and baked Mom and Dad an apple pie.

Step one-ish

My sister!!  Hi Erin!!

Step twoish

Step freeeeee

And we don't have any more pictures cause we ate them too  :)