Saturday, July 23, 2011

35mm Yummy

Disposable cameras are a whole art to themselves.  Simple mechanics, solid performance (flash/shutter action), and 35mm 100/400iso film- it's hard to mess up a shot if you know what you're doing. But who ever knows what they're doing?  Experimentation with grainy results and no worries about gear getting messed up.
(domes are super safe working environments for cameras)

But they're fun for beginners too.  The satisfaction of clicking away ten pictures of the SAME DAMN THING (AMEEEEEEEENNNNN!!  hahahaha) is undeniable.  Once we see the results we quickly realize all the mistakes and that is life, you did or didn't get the shot, the world is over (or at least coming to an end)..

(That shot got caught not parking Charles)

But really: the more photos you take the better your eye gets as it recognizes what makes a nice picture so nice!

If I were to teach a photography class I would start out with some disposable cameras.  The course fees would go towards four of the five dollar cameras (equipped with a flash), processing fees, and prints (maybe even doubles so they could trade pics amongst themselves).

(Sharing is caring: Elisa and Ali know best!!)

The first week we would talk about composition, color, contrast, aesthetics: things that make a picture beautiful.  What makes one picture more likable than another?
The second week would be about light: aperture, shutter speed, flashes, and the mechanics of a camera.  How different cameras record images, film formats, etc.
The third week would be about editing.  Students would choose favorite photos of theirs, their classmates, and pros and explain what they liked about them.  How we choose which photos to post/print/delete, costs of photography, advertising etc.
The fourth week would be a full on show with students presenting their favorite 12 shots.

After the first week students would display one roll each.  Just shots from that week.  And in whatever order they were taken.
The second week would be the same only they could choose to display from both rolls.
Third week presentations would be comparing own works with others.
Fourth week show.  Peer review of 12 top shots (including descriptions of why chosen)

(rule of fourths? haha)

The whole idea behind this would be to hone the eye.  A good photo is not a photo because you pressed the shutter.  It is because you have taken the time to compose the situation and translate it into the lens.  You have taken all the variables into consideration and not wasted your shot as a car went by, but rather waited until the ENTIRE universe was ready for that shot to happen. By forcing students to pay for their rolls hopefully they'd develop a sense of why certain photos are considered "good" or "bad" and therefore be challenged to take better pictures.  A week is the perfect amount of time to take 24 pictures.  Why not, right?

Disposable rolls are for me a good time to experiment.  Portraits (which I am not too fond of) are made easier for some reason with the handy disposable.  The cameras themselves don't get in the way and I have no worries about it getting smashed by some skateboard or dropped in the water, whatever.

I'll stop talking now.  Here are some of my favorites I took over the past two months touring through Western Canada with the goof troop..

Charles sprays the lip as a BC grom looks on.
"Am I really gonna be that hairy someday?" he thinks...

Vancouver, BC.
Lights and timing and a nice night.

Jasper, AB

Furry balls and fire

Canadian road trip shot

And a token "sunset on the beach" shot for good measure!!

Now get outside and take some pictures people!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Golden ideas

cracks in pavement disappear
perspectives shifting towards the sky
ominous grey clouds out-loom sunshine
the sun is not that high

but we are
on a beach away from winds
that tear leaves off the trees
and rip through clothing like a
twister through a broken barn

bare skin and nakedness
hold me closer to your breast
endless warmth with every breath
naturally alive and best

believe there is a way to better
health and happiness
covered up in fabrics like
a house covered in paint
that can be changed at season's whim

left to the weather to wither away
with age comes wisdom I am told
what happens when we repaint
what we no longer want to see
in thin leaves of gold

gilded thoughts are not so heavy
as we wish them to be.
solid gold is what we're going for
weight don't lie to me.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunshine Hiding

Past few days have been mostly wonderful here in Vancouver.  Besides breaking the crank of my bike and another flat tire.  I'm saying fuck bikes for the rest of my time here and skateboarding.  Saw a bunch of fun stuff in Stanley Park for the 125th birthday of Vancouver.  Two days ago we saw Mother Mother.  Last night was Neko Case and then a set by her other band, Vancouver natives, the New Pornographers.  All for free.  All outside.  All with fun friends.  And sunshine.

Put a flower in your hair
just to watch it wilt away
you stole its beauty for yourself
you selfish thing
as if we need to water you
to keep you nice and pretty

hehehe, sooooooo many beautiful people in this city!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Astral Gatherings

Looking west on a summers eve
the solstice passed
was celebrated in a forest full of trees
and we made fire
embers burning still
like stars
The Northern Light guided us
further east adrift
a pile outside Edmonton
amazing energy attracted
metaphysically and musically.

Apparently feeling poetically inclined :)