Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Model Moons and Brilliance

Tonight I wish I could wander the stars.  Or maybe just connect the ones I need.  I'd crawl south to other hemispheres on a thin white line I'd draw as I go.  I would visit you if I could see your eyes just for a blink.  Just open them.  Open them, but don't awake.

I wish that I might be able to see from such an advantageous vantage point.  I would throw meteors between enemies and stardust down to lovers.  I would watch them walk down sidewalks paved with past steps leading to their futures.  And I would descend on you like a shepard to a wounded lamb; with patience and with virtue.  Not to tend to you, but to care for you; out of love and never fear.

And you are a star, the model of grace and elegance.  And I am but a dreamer.  Your figure weaves throughout my mind in sideways eights and like a ghost it lingers late into the night and sometimes even later.  The moon may rise against our pale skin and we may pay it no attention.  The burn that comes with too much sun is harsh, back to the stars I climb.

The risisng sun blinds my eyes from seeing you in daytime.  The change in time or different tides may having me sinking quicker than the sun at dusk when I awake to find:  an image I've created out of too much time with my head in the clouds.

But today is a different day.  I'm getting higher.  And there are no clouds in my way where I am.  It has even stopped raining.

I want to kiss the mouth of the moon
and whisper softly:
I am so glad that you love me.