Thursday, May 27, 2010

...Sasquatch is upon us!!

Sasquatch is up on us.
Up on all over us.
That hairy thing

Here's hoping that it don't rain too much.

Here's hoping that everyone has a safe and happy time.
Like these guys!!

Here's hoping I can sneak in
(as I am without tickets for anything 
but would like to see the lights)...

AHHHHHHH!!  Cannot wait for the adventure to begin :))


ps- EMT-B test next Thursday...let's hope I don't fry all my brain cells this weekend :P

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Day of WEMT Training in Leavenworth, WA

A crazy month comes to an end...I hate it when good things go :(

But that's just the way it is, es la vida...

So the past month I have been training to me an EMT-B.  Basic Emergency Medical Technicians work in hospitals (ERs), the backs of ambulances, for fire departments, and in a number of other capacities.  The course I have taken is wilderness specific and also certifies me as an MPIC (Medical Person in Charge) aboard vessels (its a US Coast Guard certification that includes special protocols like inserting advanced airways and starting IV's of patients).

So...the past month I have learned a ton of new stuff.  How to safely extract people from vehicle accidents, put patients on backboards, operate a bunch of cool gadgets and equipment, and do patient assessments.  Since it is a WEMT course (W being wilderness) we have had a bunch of scenarios outside (and even more in).  The instructors choose patients, give them a condition to imitate signs and symtoms of, and dress them up with makeup (moulage).  It is real fun.

It's pretty crazy the amount of info I have had to wrap my head around in such a short period of time.  I came into the course extremely motivated and as the course concludes tomorrow I am confident my drive will not diminish.  I am super stoked to start working as a medic/EMT, hopefully outside, but wherever I can.

I have never been a super studious dude, but I came into this course to rock it.  I studied my ass off- harder than I EVER studied at UBC (think class 8a-5p studies 6p-12a with maybe three hours of down time in-between).  And I think I have (my final results will be officially up tomorrow but I passed all my tests and aced out my practicals). When I really want something I try my hardest.  And I haven't wanted anything this bad since I got into university.

To all my RMI peers and profs:  Thank you for what will surely be one of the more memorable months of my life.  The time we have spent together in class and out has only furthered my passion for people.  We are all from different places (physically, mentally, spiritually) and yet we have all operated pretty damn well together for the past month.  With very few exceptions we have gotten along without a hitch, despite our obvious differences and I feel comfortable saying nearly everyone has helped me in my learning process in one capacity or another.

To the military dudes:  keep on rocking for the free world.  Yall have mentored me through the trials and tribulations of being a young leader.  The discussions I have had with you and the observations I've made will stick with me forever.  A decision must be decisive just as a leader must lead.  Even more remarkable is the respect you've shown to all of us civvies who have no real-time experience.  It's been an honor to work with you and hope that we can stay in touch.  I take great comfort in knowing we're on the same team :))

To the homies sittin in the back of class with the long(er) hair:  It's been real.  It's been fun.  I expect to see many of you in the future.  You know where to find me on here.  And if I'm not here I'm probably in the woods somewhere or on top of a mountain.  If I'm not in my car, of course...You study buddies have put up with my bitching, awesome jokes (don't lie), hilarious puns (you love em), and generally presence.  That's more than I expected, hahaha!!  Thanks for the help learning all this stuff.  Lets hope it doesn't all fall outta my head!!

To everyone at Tierra:  you rock!!  The food has been AMAZING thanks to Marcy and Jen and the rooms have been comfortable.  The hot tub is hot and the fridges keep the beer cold; so no complaints there.  Thanks also to the instructors who have been super flexible in their teachings.  Thanks especially to Adam for coming climbing with us and being human.  Whether you know it or not, you have been a valued mentor.  I hope I am in the same headspace as you in the coming years.  I loved your lectures and your side commentary.  Keep up the witty jokes positivity :)  Dave, thanks for not bullshitting around.  I respect your style and hope that we might cross paths someday up in AK.  I hope I wasn't too much of a pain in the ass.  Loreen, you were awesome.  You provided all of us with some serious confidence boosters without being too easy.  Thanks also to Dan, Tyler, and Vikki.  Finally, Steve.  Your humour provided us with endless laughs and kept the stress down (despite the heave homework loads :)  I will forever use the Guthrie Poo Scale.  You answered all my questions without making me feel like and idiot (which I know must have been hard sometimes) and offered insight into practical applications of our newfound knowledge by way of your wonderful stories. Thanks for taking me seriously (or at least pretending to do so) and pushing me to be a good EMT.  Maybe I'll run into you someday in Peru.

My plans from here are as open as the ocean.  And I'm thinkin' about getting away again.  I'll be looking for work as a medic onboard some sort of vessel for the summer and hopefully will be able to do ski patrol somewhere in the PNW next ski season.  But you all know how it goes.  If I get the dream job theres no saying where I'll be in a few months time.  I gotta get some cheese, rock out a bit more with the Weird'eax, and then get back out on the road.  It's looking like a rare summer on the West coast for Sean.  

Jess and I lookin' hawt before the first night scenario.
I was a drunk pilot and she had a baby.
We both had severe head injuries, haha

I hit the gong every night before bed.
Because it feels good :))


ps-  ¡¡Volveré pronto amigos hispanohablantes!!  Te extraño muchissimo. Tengo que asistir unas clases de español para medicos entonces cuando voy otra vez a sur america puedo trabajar en capacidad de medico :) o algo...vamos a ver...¡¡siempre hacía el futuro!!

email me fools!!  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Don't Blow Away

Wind from spring, from yesterday
holding back the rain
quenching summer thirst

I saw the apple blossoms blossoming
bursting sweet with summers scent
the unburned forests pray still taller

Butterflies and yellow birds
hold chipmunks of at bay for seeds
while chirping constantly

The clouds run up and down the valley
over hills and through thick woods
I catch a fresh breath daily

All I ask is what I learn
oh please don't blow away

I want to teach I want to know
when all this will burn

May the embers burn forever
this is what I wish.

So I'm still in Leavenworth, last week of my WIlderness EMT-B course.  It's been super fun.  Lots of new knowledge.  Lots of new friends.  I can't wait to apply what I've learned.  If you know anyone who needs an expedition medic or any sort of medical technician, tell them to email me.  I need a job, haha!  Heres the site for the course:

I highly recommend it for people interested in EMT-B training.  The instructors have been awesome, the group has been diverse, talented, respectful, and awesome.  Can't wait to start inserting airways in real patients. I had my second ER rotation this past weekend up in Skagit county and I had a blast.

Lots of people to help out in the world.

Now for some pictures.  Sorry for the randomness/untimely posting of pictures/lack of recent posts.  I have been doing nothing but studying the National Registry EMT-B Emergency medicine book.  It's huuuuuuugggggeeeee.  And I wanted to know my shit.  We'll see how the practicals and the National Registry test go.  More on that later.  Eye candy :)))

An old Jetta on a sunny Vancouver day
in front of a classic Vancouver concrete building

Lost Lake at Whistler, BC

Taka tears it up!!

Cambie house boys in order

The dirt path into Sunitch Canyon 
just north east of Leavenworth, WA

"Home" for the past month

A gang of us in Club BAMF (aka the Nut Hut)
Built mostly by Tim, an ex-Army Ranger who's got mad MacGyver skills.
He built this 5 person shelter in about 40 minutes with a little help from Diego, Danny, and I.
It's still out there in the woods.

Gonna miss all these fools from the course when we're done on Friday...

Onwards and upwards towards new things and more.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Haiku, History, and Happiness!!

Two days ago in history I read on a bars blackboard that:

On this day in history in 1803: "The Louisiana Purchase Was Purchased."

Tonight I write :)

I think I like you as your are
I can see the clouds in your eyes
and your hair is warm like sunshine.
Would you
could you
show me stars?
The nights a blanket over us
And I don't know you
but I trust
What's the worst thing that would happen right now.

A Haikuuuuu (youknowhowwedo!)

I look up:      THE SKY!!
                                                          I see the stars in your eyes...
   Would you show me Love?

This is me from Leavenworth, WA
(shout out to Darcy, if she's still reading this irregular blarg of nonsense)

Went rock climbing today.  First time not studying or being in class for the past week.
Wilderness EMT-B training.  Getting learned.

Final notes on the night...on life, as they happen to be...

One second you're on top of your it.
Next second you're in the it.

Someday you will fall into your own $#!T and you will know what I mean.
Just gotta get up on the good foot.