Thursday, March 24, 2011


going to Canada tomorrow!!!

Gonna shralp some, get some, see some, people, shows, and so much stuff to dooooo.

In three days I hope I can.

My good friend Kieran Doyle has hopped across the pond for a brief moment of madness and as time so happens to coincide I've got the next few days off work!  Funtastic.

Complete with a Funday Munday, which is nice.

Just got two rolls of film developed.  Should get a few shots from each.  When I'm feeling especially prone to insomnia I'll post them probably listening to ASOT or Galactic or neither and something else.  Scanning and uploading is a bitch.  Especially if you're lazy.  Or its sunny and there's somewhere to bike to. Or shinyyyy shit distracts you.

just sayin.

Here are a couple of nuggets from Bellingham.  Home to many homies.  I'll be passing through on my way north tomorrow, late night, lots of skis, you know how we do!  ¡hacia la nieve la niegeeeeeee!


the moon was WAYYYY bigger the other night

inside looking out.

what do you see!?


Sunday, March 20, 2011


here we are both i and you shadows in a dim lit room the hero has just left the both of us naked sitting upright. suddenly alone. we feel the breeze as it snakes through the room like the smoke of something we have only just exhumed an hour ago or maybe less.  it must be you or have you left as well already right behind the smoke. you hide behind your eyes. mythical or not can this be real. is this for real. for real its not: it's always fleeting like perfection, youth, and wit. and spirit too apparently..this story might continue.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

some ski footy :)

Here's a quick edit I made with footage from another Wednesday shred at Steven's pass...

Snow has been good!!

Heading to Crystal this weekend to shred with my dad and some Marmot folks.  Hope they see this SICK VIDEO!!

Clearly I'm the best skier on the mountain :))


there will be more later, as always.. send me some musical suggestions!!  if you wanna hear some song in a film I might just choose it!!

All shot on a go pro which might make me look like a tool but is totally awesome.

peace love and pow pow!!

ps- thanks to Phil Wampold for driving and kickin it with me all day.

shred on!!

ps- youtube link :))