Monday, July 19, 2010

I'll Try Anything Once - The Strokes

Ten decisions shape your life,
You'll be aware of 5 about,
7 ways to go through school,
Either you're noticed or left out,
7 ways to get ahead,
7 reasons to drop round,

When i said ' I can see me in your eyes',
You said 'I can see you in my bed',
That's not just friendship that's romance too,
You like music we can dance to,

Sit me down,
Shut me up,
I'll calm down,
And I'll get along with you,

There is a time when we all fail,
Some people take it pretty well,
Some take it all out on themselves,
Some they just take it out on friends,
Oh everybody plays the game,
And if you don't you're called insane,

Don't don't don't don't it's not safe no more,
I've got to see you one more time,
Soon you were born,
In 1984,

Sit me down,
Shut me up,
I'll calm down,
and I'll get along with you,

Everybody was well dressed,
And everybody was a mess,
6 things without fail you must do,
So that your woman loves just you,
Oh all the girls played mental games,
And all the guys were dressed the same,

Why not try it all,
If you only remember it once,
Oooh ooooooh,

Sit me down,
Shut me up,
I'll calm down,
and I'll get along with you,

(Okay one more time)

I can't stop listening to this song at this hour. This song is a poem. The music is just a catalyst, like a paper page, delivering lyrical goodness to your dome. I want to never slow down. I want to run away forever. I want to do what I love. And I want to get paid. I just want to make you happy. I just want to make me happy. I just want to write songs and play in front of hundreds of anonymous people. Sometimes this earth is frustrating. "Follow your dreams" is such shyt. But I won't stop dreaming. If any of yall wanna come with me, you're forever welcome to join.

Why not try it all,
If you only remember it once,
Oooh ooooooh.

Enjoy and dream easy.



There is a time when we all fail,
Some people take it pretty well,
Some take it all out on themselves,
Some they just take it out on friends,
Oh everybody plays the game,
And if you don't you're called insane...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canoe Camping in Eastern Washington.

Yesterday I went camping on the Yakima river with William Wilder. There were deer at the site when we arrived. They came back after dinner, when we were full and done fore the day, looking at fire in the dark.

In the morning it rained in Seattle as we drove east. The past few days of high heat had to end here. We crossed Snoqualmie pass and wondered if the weather would wander into the sunnyside. Sure enough the clouds cleared up just before little old Ellensburg, past Cle Elem, towards Yakima. Sunshine spread itself across the roaming rolls in the hillsides as we pass by at a breezy pace.

The actual canoeing was a more adventurous affair than usual. Real windy. A County Sheriff in Ellensburg told Will, "there's supposed to be fifty five mile an hour winds out there" on the river we planned to paddle. On our way in we asked where to put in and if hitching was legit. "It happens" he said, his dog waggin' its tail in the back seat of the squad car. A Cabelas lunchbox let me know he'd probably be out fishing if it weren't for hooligans like us. His directions led up to the upper (and free) Ringer road drop-in location where this morning I hitched a ride to retrieve my vehicle.

Parked the car, put the canoe in the water, and immediately felt relieved; floating away for a moment from any sort of responsibility. Literally floating away.

Half a mile downriver turns out the county sheriff was not joking. Said one, Will Wilder of Texas, "It was windy as balls."

Reporting from some river somewhere,


After a few beers and a walk down some train-tracks we returned and for a few hours floated freely easily, passing drinkers in their inner tubes, and drift boats full of old fat fishermen. Eventually we found a flat spot and set up camp for the evening. Now its nice out as the fire breaths away whatever words are left. The highway hummms across the river road across another valley. The warm smoke tickles my shins and toes and turns to go (whispering willows on shore say something softly)
A branch snaps.
"Did you hear that?"
In an essence it was nothing.
"It's kind of a bummer"
Do you believe that!
Its just dry wood it
burns the the fire.

And ya know
it's so beautiful out here. The
sunsets on beaches between rivers banks and land at my back
and I'd rise every morning to do it again.
It's something that...
You'd gotta be there
(had to been through that)
to truly better understand
where I'm at.

Today we reached the dam at Roza.
Got out and got on the road, thumb out, waiting for someone to pass by. Some local beer floaters drove me back towards Ringer and I walked one hundred yards to the car. It was still parked with the note Will left in the windshield. "Gone canoeing. Will return Wednesday."

Not bad, America. Free parking, free camping, free dom. Ya. God love the BLM.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Algo para España esta noche...

"Me gustaría conocerte más sin ropa," ella me dijo.

Anoche con las estrellas brillas entre yo y el oscuro quería saber algunas cosa tambien.

El olor de la piel y otras cosa más romanticas...el color de verdad, las palabras se derrame de las fuentes frescas que llamamos los labios, que devoran sin pensarlo dos veces, que no entendemos.

Llegamos desnudos.  We got naked.  Todo sería bien.  All would be good.  Jajaja.  Hahaha.

The other day I wrote a poem
(Escribí una poema la otra dia)
in Spanish
(en español)
I don't know why.
(no sé por que.)

Cruzar el camino de duda
Hacía seguridad
Hacía hacer más feliz
Antes del destino final
conocer adventura
conocer riesgo
cada cosa me hace más fuerte.

Adversidad es un bicho
siempre está ahí
siempre lo mato
muchas veces sin sentir
Eliminar duda en la ruta es como
aprender cosas nuevas
todo el mundo me enseñaban mucho

Con conocimiento se viene
que no sabemos nada
Pues, ya sé que dudar
nunca se apoya.

Si puedes ayudarme con la gramatica, por favor ayudame!!  Tengo que mejorarlo!!

Gracias y buenas noches a todo...


ps- para Noelia, "¡¡VIVA LA ROJA!!"  jejeje, te echo de menos mi linda amiga españolllllllaaaalalala...besos desde America!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Never Ending Path and Bicycles!!

The sun is beating
heating skin up
hot like summer
barbecues is backyards
of neighbors I will never know.

The smell of sandy shores
at oceans edge
and sun-screened children
soaking up the sun
just as castles made of sand do.

And today I cannot find
the cool breeze
even as i pedal further
beneath the green canopies
leading me away from the city.

The neverending path-
the best a bicycle can offer-
of wishes hopes and dreams
manifest in sweat and 21 gears
it seems I could push on forever.

Freedom is a cool blue lake
the falling leaves
(before they lie yellow on the path)
the smell of fresh cut grass
(before it is swept aside as I ride by)
the sound of wheels rushing
the thought that anything is possible
as I weave through the thick of traffic.

Flight on a bike
A dip in the lake
This path could never end.

The heat is killing us all in Seattle, but the minute it starts to get cloudy the complainers do their worst.  I heard them today, begging for cool mercy.  I chuckle and wonder what the world was like for weather-challenged individuals before the advent of air-conditioning and central heating; God knows those folks love them both.  I think we're too comfortable.  I'll just say the hill back home sure ain't.  I once heard biking described as a sport born out of "pure pain."  Call me sadomasochistic but it's hard to love anything as much as your bicycle.  Gives you heat when you're cold, cools ya down when you're hot (just gotta make your own wind :) and gets you places.  It's the most efficient, most effective means of transportation we human beings have ever figured out.  And it sure as hell is fun!  Here's to a hundred miles in four days and a few hundred (thousand?) more to come!

So to all the naysayers, get outside...and quit complaining!!  The weather is what it is :))


ps- Darcy I hope your trip is going suuuuuuuuper well over in Europe.  Was watching the Tour today and thought of ya!!  I'm pretty jealous...wore that Bbox hat the other day too  :P  ¡¡Mucha suerte con los niños!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

National Holidays in North America

Happy Canada Day, EH!?  Oh wait, I mean, happy 4th of July!!!  Darn Canadians always stealing our American holidays, hahahaha...

The past week has been pure madness as usual.  I am busy, back to taking lots of photos and writing in my journal (which may or may not sometimes make it onto this site).  I am collaborating with a fellow traveller/photographer James Cheatley (who took my facebook profile picture) and his buddy Mat from the land of Oz on their new site  It is a trip back into the realm of film.  A medium so abused and defiled by the cheap, quick, and easy advance of digital technology many have forgotten about it.  I have a couple cameras I've been playing around with, so expect to see some old school-style photos soon...check that site too, it's pretty rad, not gonna lie...

Be back soon with more photos...been slackin lately, sorry :P